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CLUB COOKIES are a simple, yet effective way to promote and raise funds for youth sports and local charities across the country.

Each box of CLUB COOKIES is loaded with delicious Italian Sugars cookies that are made from our family recipe.
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How does the CLUB COOKIES fundraising program work?
It's as easy as 1-2-3!
1 - Place order for CLUB COOKIES
2 - Promote and sell CLUB COOKIES to family, friends, co-workers etc.
3 - Enjoy the benefits!

What does a box of CLUB COOKIES sell for?
A box of CLUB COOKIES retails for only $6 per box!
Exclusive wholesale pricing is available for fundraisers, see below
"Who can order".

Is there a minimum order?
Yes there is a minimum order...
For individuals, there is a 2 case minimum (24 boxes per case)
For registered clubs, there is a 4 case minimum (24 boxes per case)
(for the best wholesale prices, have your club register with us)

Who can order?
Any one can order and sell CLUB COOKIES.
Whether you are an individual looking at raising funds to help offset the cost of playing organized sports... OR
You already belong to a club and would like to raise funds to help offset the costs.
(for the best wholesale prices, have your club register with us)

Who bennefits from the CLUB COOKIES fundraising program?
For every box of CLUB COOKIES sold, portions of the sale will stay with the seller and their club to help cover cost associated with organized sports.

In addition for every box sold, CLUB COOKIES will donate to youth sports charities that will help assist kids from less fortunate families enjoy the benefits of organized sports. Also CLUB COOKIES will donate to local
non-sport charities!

If you have any additional questions please contact us.

It is a WIN-WIN situation!

Thank you
Anthony Faraci and Family...

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